Episode Twelve : Crafting A Community with The Fold Line

This week’s guests are Kate and Rachel from The Fold Line!

It’s hard to imagine the sewing community before The Fold Line went live in 2015. Now it is our go to for anything you should desire in the sewing world from searching for the best sewing pattern for your needs to catching up with what the sewists are making in their weekly Sew Reporter and reviews and making a lot of friends along the way – it really is the hub of the sewing community.

We met Kate and Rachel at the same time as we met for the first time – at a sewing meetup held by Simplicity with a May Martin (best known as the judge of Series 1,2 & 3 of The Great British Sewing Bee) workshop. All four of us were very new to meetups and a tad nervous and when we found each other Megan and I excitedly heard about their plans to start a ‘sewing community website’! So getting them on the podcast sofa was always high on our priorities.

We talk to them about life before The Fold Line and how they met and started their business before quickly moving onto the day to day life and trials and tribulations of dealing with many different aspects of the sewing world from the small businesses to the everyday sewer.

So come join us to talk about sewing tents and the fears of filming from the middle of Oxford Street and sew much more!


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The Fold Line is the hub of the sewing community. Based in London, UK their website has an extensive pattern database, blog, patterns reviews and sewing resources.


Kate and Rachel met at Sew Over it, when there was only Lisa Comfort, one other staff and one shop…


Rachel’s tent for Reading and Leeds (picture coming!)

Kate’s Millinery 

Stephen Jones

Karen from Did You Make That? blog

Sew Reporter

Their booming Facebook group – come join!

The Sewing Weekender!

2018 Dates are 25th & 26th August – keep an eye out for announcements and tickets soon!

Gabby’s vlog about the first one in 2016:

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Megan Valero

Pigeon Wishes


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