Episode Sixteen : The Pattern Testers with Sarah McKenna and Eleanor Thomson

Today’s episode is all about pattern testing with our guests, Sarah and Eleanor.

Most of us in the sewing community have pattern tested but these two are real pros – they have tested about 20 different patterns each! They have lots of knowledge to share on what designers are looking for and how to become a pattern tester.

We loved hearing their sewing stories and about how they are both from such crafty families – we want to dive into Eleanor’s gran’s fabric chest!! 

Of course, as it was the week of Sarah’s online fabric shop launch we also couldn’t help but discuss her business and all those beautiful fabrics too! 

We had a lovely chat with these two brilliant women and hope you do too! 🙂


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Sarah is a sewing blogger and vlogger with her new online fabric shop, Like Sew Amazing.


Eleanor is a sewing teacher, crotchet pattern designer and blogger at Nel Nan and Nora


Sarah’s mum in outfits she sewed herself:

Sarah’s ball gown
Mccalls dress – 

TATB – Mathilde first indie make:

Eleanor : Fabric Godmother

Avid Seamstress – City Trousers 

Eleanor’s crotchet patterns – ravelry profile
Sheep Tea Cosy pattern:

Morgan Jean Closet Case Patterns

Sarah in Kommatia patterns – hoodie dress 

Megan – In The Folds -Rushcutter pattern testing:

BTW -I’m literally pattern testing By Hand London’s new pattern at the moment! I promise I’m being thorough and a good tester! – Gabby 😉

Sarah’s –Jennifer Lauren’s Mayberry Dress:

Cocowawa Cinnamon trousers:

Evie La Lùve lingerie

Gabby and Megan’s Madalynne Noelle Bralette vlog:

Sew My Style:

Like Sew Amazing shop
– done by George McCann 

And lastly… Eleanor (Lingard) in University Challenge:

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