Episode Six : Inside the Indie Pattern Process with Nina Lee and Cocowawa Crafts

This week’s guests are Nina from Nina Lee and Ana aka Cocowawa Crafts!

Both friends of the hosts, Gabby and Megan, they tell us exactly what it’s like to run your own indie pattern business from their bedrooms. There is so much inspiration and knowledge to be gained from hearing how they both DIY like a boss – from folding their own patterns to staying up all night and immersively themselves completely in their work.

We love chatting to them and discovering all about the trials and tribulations of being a one woman show and getting glimpses into those amazing ‘good news days’ too.

We can’t help but feel proud of these ladies and hope you share in the joy of a great big natter over a cup of tea and choccy biscuits with them!

PS. Any grumbles you hear are definitely Hobbes and not one of our tummies rumbling before we had to pause for more biccies!! 😉


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Originally from Spain, Ana is the woman behind Cocowawa Crafts – an independent sewing pattern company.


Nina is a sewing blogger who runs Nina Lee Sewing Patterns from her home in south London.


Nina’s first pattern: V8184

This formed the basis of over 30(!) garments for Nina!

Ana’s emotional and inspiring mental health journey video : 

Sew Over It  – cushion cover class

London College of Fashion – pattern cutting / professional techniques

Cocowawa fabric shop – https://www.cocowawacrafts.com/shop/fabrics/

Village Haberdashery – Make Like A Boss event

Craftsy Courses – Suzy Furrer drafting courses:

Lauren Dahl’s indie pattern designers course:

Thumblenina blog and instagram

COCOWAWA name – came from this song… here’s the video:

Suzie London  –Designed Ana’s pattern illustrations
Elena Valls – Ana’s cousin who did the logo

Cocowawa’s Chesnut Sweater printed pattern:

Nina’s illustrations:

And pattern booklets:

A grid of Ana’s Pattern testers – 

+++ Theme song created by Stephen Ellis +++

+++ Podcast edited by Gabby Young and Stephen Ellis +++

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Megan Valero

Pigeon Wishes


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