Episode Four : Braving Burda with Vesna Popovic

We love Vesna – all you need to do is take a glance at her instagram page to see this lady has serious style and a wonderful warm wit! Her impeccable taste and palette shines through her beautiful dressmaking and we have been inspired by her makes for years! When we heard she was in London for a bit we had to get her on the show!

We talk and laugh about sewing in Serbia, Burda patterns, where her brand name; Kelerabeus, comes from and her amazing job as an archaeologist and of course fabrics! Oh and our first ridiculous email addresses!!

There is so much to learn from how Vesna started sewing and how fearless she was from the start (her first project was a COAT!) and we hope you enjoy hearing our chat as much as we loved our time with Vesna!

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VESNA POPOVIC aka Kelerabeus

Vesna is a sewing blogger and instagrammer from Serbia and an Archaeologist. 


Yugoslavian Sewing machine – Bagat:
– Vishna
– Vesna

Burda patterns
Burda magazine

Vesna’s first make – the jacket top left!! 

Kelerabeus profile on Burdastyle

The first pattern that inspired her to join Burdastyle here

And her version:


Russian Burda style

Perth dress

Hila – Saturday Night Stitch & her Burda challenge

Walthamstow fabric guide (by Did You Make That)
Hackney Market

Vesna the Scallop queen!

Pattern testing for Atelier Vicolo

The wedding dress that Vesna made and EMBROIDERED for her friend! (we are besotted!)

(We told you she was amazing – can we steal her wardrobe now please?!)

Oh and…

Kohlrabi! (this is for Megan to see what it is!!)

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