Episode One: Getting to know us!

Get to know your hosts – Gabby and Megan and find out what this podcast is all about!

Gabby and Megan met a couple of years ago at a sewing meetup after only a few makes under their belts. Now with wardrobes bursting with memades and fabric stashes to make hoarders blush these two are the ones laughing their heads off and getting everyone involved at every sewing event! They have sewing days together nearly once a week which they film videos of for Gabberdashery’s vlog and they LOVE most things… especially anything to do with sewing, knitting, crafting, binge watching netflix and TEA. There has to always be tea.

After 2 years of their videos together, Megan got Gabby into listening to crafty podcasts and now when they are both sewing at home, that’s most likely what will be in the background. When Gabby started listening to Love To Sew Podcast she sent a text to Megan saying ‘WE HAVE TO DO A PODCAST!’ The answer ‘YESSSSS!’ came back in seconds and so, Stitcher’s Brew was born….


This episode is sponsored by Pfaff  who make amazing sewing machines for all styles. There are overlockers, coverstitch machines and embroidery machines for beginners to keen sewers. We both love Pfaff machines and couldn’t recommend them enough – they sew through any fabric like it’s quilting cotton, that’ll be down to the IDT, the integrated walking-foot.

Go visit their amazing range at www.pfaff.com





Pukka Tea – Detox


Megan – Black Mirror

Gabby – Grace & Frankie


Megan – Chance The Rapper | Coloring Book

Gabby – Love To Sew podcast – the whole reason we started this podcast – WE LOVE THEM! 🙂


Photo by Stephen Ellis (Gabby’s husband)


Kelerabeus version of the Perth Dress!

Gabby – Perth Dress by Carolyn & Cassie Pattern Co

Megan – Tilly & The Buttons Mila Dungarees


Marilla Walker’s latest knit & new vlog

Self Assembly Required new vlog

Kelerabeus is amazing!


Megan’s knitting Square and Stripe Sweater by Veera Välimäki

Wild & Woolly shop

Sewing – Victoria Blazer by By Hand London

Gabby’s sewing up a How To Do Fashion’s No.4 London Coat

Knitting – Socks

Crotchet – Granny Stripe Blanket

Megan’s answers:

Tilly & The Buttons Cleo

(click on picture for Megan’s blog about her Cleo!)

(Click on picture for Gabby’s blog about the bridesmaid dresses)


Pigeon Wishes Shops

Megan’s blog and vlog

Gabby’s vlog and blog

From Stitch To Stage creative challenge (check out the prizes!)

Knitting & Stitching show soundbytes:

  1. Harriet from Sew Me Sunshine
  2. Sew Over It 
  3. Sian from Kittenish Behaviour
  4. Mark from Girl Charlee
  5. Lauren Guthrie from Guthrie & Ghani
  6. Jessica from Juliet_ MikeCharlie
  7. Paul from Fabrics Galore
  8. Anja and Andy from Austria <3
  9. Tilly & The Buttons
  10. Nina from Nina Lee
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+++ Theme song created by Stephen Ellis +++

+++ Podcast edited by Gabby Young and Stephen Ellis +++

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