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Gabby Young


Greetings you lovely crafty lot!

I am Gabby and the sewing wife and podcast partner of Megan!

I guess my professional title is singer/songwriter but I am also a serial entrepreneur based in north London with my husband and naughty jack russell, Hobbes.

I always thought I couldn’t do anything crafty and was told so at school so apart from knitting endless scarfs since the age of 14 it wasn’t until I was 30 that I plucked up the courage to start sewing and got well and truly obsessed! Now all I think about is fabrics, patterns, yarn and has just started crotchet too – because I clearly needed more to do! 😉

I am SEW excited for this podcast and hope you will love it as much as us!

Megan Valero

Pigeon Wishes

Hello! I’m Megan the sewing significant other of Gabby and now the other half of Stitchers Brew.

I have always been crafty and did small craft projects here and there but I had never committed to a particular craft until sewing! Sewing, like for most people, was a life changer and I’ve got bursting cupboards full of sewing good to prove it. I’ve been sewing for 4 years now and cannot imagine a day without thinking of something sewing related, like what’s on my list to make next, what fabric I desperately need to use…… or just crush on another sewist!

I’m currently growing a baby and growing my first knitted sweater! Which is seeming a lot harder than the baby at the moment! I hope Stitchers Brew will inspire, connect and just be great background noise for you when you are creating.


About Our Show

Stitcher’s Brew is a cup of tea and crafty chatter with Gabby and Megan PLUS amazing creative guests!

Gabby and Megan met a couple of years ago at a sewing meetup after only a few makes under their belts. Now with wardrobes bursting with memades and fabric stashes to make hoarders blush these two are the ones laughing their heads off and getting everyone involved at every sewing event! They have sewing days together nearly once a week which they film videos of for Gabberdashery’s vlog and they LOVE most things… especially anything to do with sewing, knitting, crafting, binge watching netflix and TEA. There has to always be tea.

After 2 years of their videos together, Megan got Gabby into listening to crafty podcasts and now when they are both sewing at home, that’s most likely what will be in the background. When Gabby started listening to Love To Sew Podcast she sent a text to Megan saying ‘WE HAVE TO DO A PODCAST!’ The answer ‘YESSSSS!’ came back in seconds and so, Stitcher’s Brew was born….

This podcast will be about all things crafty – there will be a LOT of chatter about mainly sewing but we want to include our other loves and things we are interested in and hope you will be too – there will be talk about knitting, crotchet, cross-stitch, quilting, embroidery and general chit chat about life, what we’re watching/listening to and of course what tea we are drinking.

The guests will be many and we will be having panel discussions with amazingly inspiring creatives who have made their hobby into their businesses, blogs and vlogs.

Gabby and Megan are very joyful people, this podcast is going to spread that joy far and wide and we hope you will be a part of that.

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