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Megan Valero

Pigeon Wishes

Hello! I’m Megan the sewing significant other of Gabby and now the other half of Stitchers Brew.

I have always been crafty and did small craft projects here and there but I had never committed to a particular craft until sewing! Sewing, like for most people, was a life changer and I’ve got bursting cupboards full of sewing good to prove it. I’ve been sewing for 4 years now and cannot imagine a day without thinking of something sewing related, like what’s on my list to make next, what fabric I desperately need to use…… or just crush on another sewist!

I’m currently growing a baby and growing my first knitted sweater! Which is seeming a lot harder than the baby at the moment!

Gabby Young


Greetings you lovely crafty lot! I am Gabby and the sewing wife and podcast partner of Megan!

I guess my professional title is singer/songwriter but I am also a serial entrepreneur based in north London with my husband and naughty jack russell, Hobbes.

I always thought I couldn’t do anything crafty and was told so at school so apart from knitting endless scarfs since the age of 14 it wasn’t until I was 30 that I plucked up the courage to start sewing and got well and truly obsessed! Now all I think about is fabrics, patterns, yarn and has just started crotchet too – because I clearly needed more to do! 😉

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